“Sometimes you start a jam with a few lyric lines or a musical lick, but this time it was just a guitar-rif and the Peruvian drum called ‘bombo’, pounding like a heartbeat. We wanted to write a song about God that would wrestle with Him like so many folks have done before us. A song with new words, new imagery. Mankind has been searching for God and meaning in life for many centuries, often using words and music. And that’s great because we need new words all the time to describe a God who’s on the move. At the same time He can never be locked up in our concepts or our phrases. And sometimes our phrases become dusty. It’s paradox to the max: God the undefinable wants to be known, even becomes flesh in Jesus, and yet remains a mystery to us. That’s why during the musical break in the song we burst into this multilingual kakophonia of emotions. Because in the end God is something, or someone, who can only be known by loving Him. Or Her, for my part.

We’re often so preoccupied with ‘our opinion and stance’ on something that we forget that Biblical ‘knowing’ is by loving. So next time you find yourself wondering what to think of something: Love it first, like Jesus did. Because only love can handle the truth. And ‘for God so loved the world that He gave His Son’.. So there is an abundance of Love to be found in Him. Enough for all of us.

It’s mind blowing when you find out that our modern day Christian view and image of God is often way too small. As if you discover that you’ve been locking a lion in a bird-cage.

Letting go of our old worn down imagery and beliefs has opened us up to a whole new vision of who God is and who we are. For us seeing Jesus as the cosmic Christ coming forth from a Christ soaked world did that big time. All of a sudden God, in Christ, becomes the very breath we breathe and becomes visible and almost tangible in our suffering and joys. In our dreams and in our tears. And in the child refugee knocking on our borders.

I can’t understand it or figure it out

Lost in your mystery is where I am found

I have wrestled with God and still do so. But I cling unto Him and won’t let go until he blesses me. Just like Jacob did before me at the river Jabbok. Because, just like Jacob, I wouldn’t be able to live without Him. (or Her (-; “

Elbert Smelt – leadsinger Trinity 


Produced by Grammy-nominated, multiple Dove Award-winning Ian Eskelin and Barry Weeks, “ARE YOU” is the fourth single from the band’s album, The In Between, slated to release July 12 in North America. The new single follows Trinity’s widely acclaimed “Wherever We Go” and “Alive Again” tracks, the latter song being played live by the band in radio studios across America last summer for audiences based in New York City to Washington, DC to Los Angeles.

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