We are Trinity and we like traveling and meeting people. Oftentimes stories from ‘the road’ seep into our songs and performance. We’re proud to call ourselves craftsmen of heavenly parties and we’re good at making people’s feet move. Not with huge beats and technology but with an unique acoustic approach that will disarm and free any crowd.

We’re a faith based band that mixes music styles from all over the world to create a magnetic sound. From Peruvian folk to African rhythms, we blend genres into an eclectic music experience that is sweet to the ears and uplifting to the soul. 

We’re called Trinity because we believe we’re made in God’s image. And if God is a loving community we’re designed just like that. This might be the reason why people want to belong somewhere as they journey through life. We’re passionate about connecting worlds with music. Music from all over the place that takes us all over the place. So wanna party? Check our music or see and meet us live!