We are Trinity from the Netherlands… Yep, that’s where Amsterdam is. We’ve been a band for over 13 years now. We’re three brothers and one friend. The brothers grew up as missionary kids in Peru, South America; so we might look Dutch, but we have an inner Latino.

And then there’s Bert, our true Dutch-guy. Judging by his looks he should have been born a Viking from Scandinavia, but he ended up being a Dutchie. God works in mysterious ways.

Ever since we started out we’ve loved mixing world music styles. Peruvian folk seemed to match wonderfully with Irish folk and African rhythms. And this journey of finding new musical matches keeps unfolding. We like traveling and meeting people and oftentimes stories from ‘the road’ seep into our songs and performance. We’re proud to call ourselves craftsmen of parties and making people’s feet move. Not with huge beats and technology but with an acoustic approach that’ll get a room to move like nothing else.

So you might say: something’s off here. Four guys and yet you’re called Trinity. Doesn’t that mean three in one? Can’t you guys count? Why Trinity? Well, just as the Holy Trinity is one and yet a community, we’re made just like that! After all we believe we’re made in Gods image. That might be the reason why people want to belong somewhere. Why people like community and connection as they travel through life. Our music is travel-music. We’re passionate about connecting worlds with music. Music from all over the place that takes us all over the place.