Trinity Trucker Cap

Trinity Trucker Cap Adjustable cap available in black and blue. Decorated with our

The In Between Songbook

The In Between Songbook In this full color songbook you’ll find unique photo material, lyrics, lead sheets, chord charts, (even capo-versions for guitar [...]

Silver Necklace

Silver Necklace Small and sweet. A silver necklace with our logo. Handmade by silversmith

Trinity mug

Trinity Mug This neat enameled mug combines a whole buch of great things in 1 sip: the feeling of camping, wintery hot chocolate-sensation, [...]

The In Between

This brand new album takes these 4 Dutch guys further then they’ve gone before. Joined by multi Dove-award winning producer Ian Eskelin from Nashville [...]

Trinity Live From Theaters, Clubs and Campfires

16.50 10.00
Trinity guarantees a party, has done so for years. Both on stage and in crowd. Their songs of hope filled with longing to the O(o)ther turn every concert [...]

Desert Rain Deluxe

20.00 10.00
Desert Rain Deluxe (limited edition). Comes with a bonus DVD filled with specials, interviews and music videos. Desert Rain is the result of two years of [...]

Desert Rain

16.50 10.00
Desert Rain is the result of two years of life, travel all over the world and jamming with immigrant-musicians. A record with excellent production that [...]


15.00 10.00
This is the first album Trinity made with their new producer Gordon Groothedde. It is a change in sound you can hear immediately. Musically speaking all [...]

Pueblos Todos (live)

15.00 10.00
A band who is always told that they sound better live then on cd can only do one thing: record a live album. That is what Pueblos Todos is. Trinity tried [...]

Este Momento

15.00 10.00
Este Momento was written after a trip to Lima, Peru and reflects on that trip. The theme of the album is very much ingrained in the album title: Este [...]

Cada Dia

15.00 10.00
After the success of Inicio Trinity worked on an album with more of their own songs. Cada Dia was the result. With songs like Fly My song and Celtic [...]