Desert Rain

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Desert Rain is the result of two years of life, travel all over the world and jamming with immigrant-musicians. A record with excellent production that displays musicality, character and the knowledge that we as humans are meant for more. It contains a world of music and stories made with the characteristic pop sound of Trinity. A sound known and loved by many all over the world. Warm-blooded, passionate rhythms and melodies. Lyrics that offer hope, love and a true home. Musicality, creativity and a drive from the knowledge that we as humans are meant for more.

1. Desert Rain
2. Rise Again
3. Metropolitain
4. A Miracle
5. Satellite Television
6. The Way That I Do
7. El Sonido De Mi Tierra
8. It’s All Gonna Change
9. Shooting Stars
10. We Are Born
11. Gloria
12. I Carry Your Heart


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