We’re always trying to find more people to join the party we try to create with our music. As you may remember we’ve been to the USA to work on a new album a few times now. We’ve completed a second writing trip to Nashville in the process of the release of this new studio album beginning 2018. It was great to get to work with producer Ian Eskelin and co-producer and engineer Barry Weeks again. We went further then just writing this time. We even had time to cut drums in a studio that looked like a deserted house but turned out to be an amazing drum-lab from the inside. Over the weekend we hung out with manager Tony Patoto and his family which resulted in a house concert and potluck dinner on Sunday evening which was a lot of fun. When we left for the US all we had was a lot of scetch-songs and ideas and 4 songs from the previous trip. On the flight home we realized we were flying back with the foundation for an entire album! It is an exciting process and also and also an uncertain one. Who knows what may or may not happen in the following years!