If you love our music AND you want to help us continue to make it Trinity & Friends is for you.

Every year we gather with our members for a big party during Trinity & Friends. There is time to meet us, the band, we usually play 2 sets during which we share all about the songs and we let you know what’s going on. There is great food, nice drinks and we always have some kind of funny surprise.

Each year we give you a small gift, a token of the road that we travel together AND you receive all of our music digitally, FREE of charge. You will also we be the first to know of everything that’s going on with tours and news.

The membership is €45 a year. We use this money to continue to make and record our music.


If you are really passionate about our music and mission and want to support us with a monthly gift (min. €10/month) you can leave you contact details below so Elbert can call you up and discuss this with you in person.

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