Digame Trinity

Friday 21st May we released a our Spanish single ‘Dígame’ and it is available on all platforms as we speak! ‘Digame’ is a new version of our originally English song ‘Unbreakable’. (2016).

Elbert: ‘It’s funny how it works with lyrics. You often find yourself wanting to rewrite old lyrics. Because a song is always a reflection of your thoughts at a certain time. Well, in the case of our song Unbreakable, I got a chance to relive the lyric and give it new words in Spanish. And little did we know that we would be releasing it into a world, grasping for air due to Covid-19.‘

Why Spanish? ‘Well, we grew up in Peru, South America, and over the years music has always been a way to reconnect with the Latino world. Spanish has always been a heart-felt language for me but over the years I’ve lost some of my vocabulary. Still, with the help of family and friends we got to a new lyric that battles with the question: ‘Where is God in all this?’

We wanted to write an honest song as believers, with our questions and doubts. ‘Unbreakable’ was the song we wrote as a result of wrestling with the person of Jesus. Why is He so meek and vulnerable like the poor and destitute we still see today? Why doesn’t he fight back? And if he is alive today, where can we see Him?

COVID-19 has caused a lot of fear, loss of jobs, sickness and death. There is so much instability and hurt sweeping over the world today. More than ever we need to bridge the gaps, just like Jesus does. Reading apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossians we say Christ is ‘all in all’ and we are awakened to the possibility of seeing the Christ ‘in friend and stranger’. There’s nothing more uniting and more hopeful than that today!