Trinity & Rosso - A Tu Lado

A Tu Lado

With our new single ‘A TU LADO’ your summer is bound to get off to a great start 😉

With this song we are doing something new as a band: A co-write with a Dutch DJ and his producers. Pretty exciting to be working with some young talents from EDM capital Amsterdam! What we have in common is a mutual love for throwing heavenly parties, where people feel they’re at home and never alone.

In less than 4 weeks we’ve cooked up a nice musical summer cocktail which will remind you of Latino dance nights at the beach and good people around a fire. We’ve worked day and night to get it finished just in time to give it to you at the start of this somewhat weird summer. With the Corona crisis many of us are still stuck at home or at least holiday plans have been changed.

We’ve taken the guardian angel from our hit song ‘May You Have’ as a theme for this new single. In times of crisis the knowledge that someone is looking out for you is worth more then we could have imagined before. With lyrics saying: Tell me what you’re afraid of, I’m perfect love casting out all fear’ you can be sure to relax when you play this song!

So: put your chair in the sunlight, put your shades on and have a mojito at hand. Turn up the volume and play this song. Summer vibes guaranteed!

From our studio we wish you all the best, God Bless, have a great summer and see you soon!

Oh and do let us know what you think of the song by posting a video or picture with #atulado and @bandtrinity on your socials!